Stories in Sound

Clare Kelly grew up listening to storytellers like Springsteen and Stevie Nicks who have played an influential role in shaping her signature sound. 

Hailing from Yorkshire, Clare has received ample support from UK television and radio outlets including BBC Introducing, Made In Leeds, Yorkshire Music Collective and Get In Her Ears following the release of her debut EP and a handful of stunning singles (‘Breathe’, ‘Radio’, ‘Less Alone’ and more). Having spent a considerable amount of time travelling and performing overseas, Clare has many stories to tell through her emotive and often brutally honest lyrics. 


For as long as Clare can recall, she has been inspired by the ocean and aquatic creatures. Now, Clare Kelly aims to offer something unique with her soothing 'mer-folk' music including her new fantastic singles ‘Skinning Apples’ and ‘Sedation’ available now to stream and download.

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